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  • Access to Faith and Finance course
    • Learn what the Bible says about money and possessions 
    • Create your own One Page Financial Plan
    • Learn about key metrics of financial health from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional
      • Giving
      • Saving
      • Spending
      • Liquidity
      • Debt
      • Taxes
      • Liquidity 
      • Retirement Accounts
      • Real Estate
      • Business
      • Financial Independence
      • Insurance
      • Investments
      • Estate Planning
  • Access to Elements Financial Monitoring SystemTM 
    • See your financial scorecard
    • Track and monitor key metrics of financial health
    • Quarterly net worth progress reports
  • Access to growing library of member only resources

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What is Elements?

Elements is a system for monitoring your finances. Each Element helps address one of the four questions below.

A user friendly mobile app

The Elements Financial Monitoring SystemTM is delivered via a beautifully designed mobile app. Track and monitor your financial health at the tip of your fingertips.


Hi, I’m Andrew Crone.

I started Generous Steward in 2022. It started as a blog where I mainly write about the intersection of faith and finance. I sometimes also write about other fun things like credit card travel hacking.

I’m a CFP® and partner at Yahara Wealth Management LLC. As a financial planner, my career revolves around helping people make smart decisions with their money.

As a follower of Jesus and financial planner, I naturally had questions about the intersection of these two important areas of my life.

What does the Bible say about money and possessions? How do we live out God’s call to radical generosity, in an individualistic culture? How can we experience the incredible joy of giving, when we don’t feel secure about our own finances? What are practical steps I can take to grow my heart for generosity, and be a more responsible steward of the resources God has blessed me with?

Diving into these questions is what lead me to start the blog, and ultimately to start The Membership.

If you're looking to explore these topics further, check out the resources page. I’ve compiled a list of books, podcasts, and videos, that have had a big impact on me personally. I hope you find them helpful too.